Thought Catcher – Sold

  • Framed mixed media painting
  • Oil, glazes
  • Linen canvas
  • Wooden stretcher
  • Framed in Oak
  • 83 x 95 x 3 cm framed
  • Ready to hang


Continuing a current theme and inspired by the legacy of plant explorers; JD Hooker and his father before him both acted as Director of Kew Gardens in London and established the Plant Houses that brought together plants from all over the world. JD Hooker was a close friend and correspondent with Charles Darwin whom he exchanged letters regarding their ideas. Those who visit the Plant houses from around the world and schools continue to be inspired by them and the collection of plants discovered and brought there by intrepid plant explorers – just as I was inspired to make this artwork.

When visiting the plant houses to research this painting I was struck by the presence of school children and the ideas that this magical place might inspire.

This artwork is handmade using mixed media techniques combining printing and oil paint glazes.