Summer Showers


  • Etching & Aquatint
  • Fabriano paper
  • oil based ink
  • Edition 10
  • 29 x 32 cm paper size unframed
  • This print is sold unframed
  • This print was selected for the Painter Printers Masters exhibition the Mall Galleries 2016



Summer Showers’, Selected by The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers for ‘The Masters’ Nov 2016 Bankside Gallery.

A companion piece to ‘Tranquillity’. This image was captured within minutes of the one of the dog in ‘Tranquillity’ and for me highlights how different personalities can explore the same world and throw back entirely different experiences for each one of us. In the same way we humans can experience the same thing but respond in entirely different ways and mostly unaware of the impact we have on others.

The image is created by etching the image into a metal plate and wiping ink by hand over it. Each one will end up slightly different.