Since 1777, The Vale of Health Pond Hampstead unique hand made print


  • Unique monoprint
  • Oil based ink
  • Aluminium
  • 46 x 52 x 3 cm framed
  • Sold framed
  • Ready to hang


The Vale of Health Pond Hampstead artwork is of the view MARIANNE NIX artist sees every day.

The pond has existed since 1777 when it was created. On certain days the pond has a timeless quality.  Anyone can visit this pond to enjoy the view, fish for carp or take their dogs for a swim. It evokes memories of the past when the area was enjoyed by many who sought rest and relaxation in different ways appropriate to their time.

The Vale of Health Pond Hampstead artwork is a unique hand made print onto aluminium. The glow of the metal through the oil based ink brings a sheen and mysteriousness to the artwork.

Marianne used a photograph as the starting point for this artwork. She used digital tools on her computer to create the image to bring out the mood and magic of the pond.  Marianne inks up a paper print plate of the image with an inked sponge. She then transfers the image onto the metal plate by running the plate and metal through a very heavy printing press. This is called Paper Lithography

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