Regal King Penguin


  • Etching & Aquatint
  • Oil based ink
  • Somerset paper 250gsm
  • Edition 20
  • 15 x 12 cm paper size unframed
  • This print is sold unframed


Inspired by my visit to Antarctica and the penguins of the region, I have developed a series of hand made etching & aquatints aiming to capture the spirit of each penguin. The King Penguins with their very upright pose and haughty air certainly lived up to their name and I could almost imagine a crown on this one’s head.

The print is made by creating and painting the image by hand in an oil based medium on a metal plate which is then etched by dipping in acid. Where the acid etches the plate away, grooves are left for the ink. The plate is then individually hand inked and wiped for each print giving each print their own individual character with none of them being exactly the same. The metal plate is then covered with dampened paper and run through the press which puts immense pressure on the paper that is pushed into the lines of the plate and lifts out the ink. The print is then dried flat in acid free tissue under weights for a few days.

There are four other penguins available in this series

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