Reflections Hampstead Heath II Fine Art Print


  • Archival Fine Art Print of a painting
  • Hahnemuhle mould made 310 gsm 100% cotton
  • Limited edition 100
  • 61 x 86 cm paper size unframed


Reflections, Hampstead Heath Pond No.2 2015

The pond represents the waters and ideas that collect and that can be as fleeting as the wind that passes across the waters causing it to ripple. We are made up of the ideas of others. Some ideas stay with us and inform our own original ideas.

You may be interested to know that the waters that collect in Hampstead Ponds flow into the River Fleet which flows down Fleet Street where the newspapers used to be. The river fleet empties into the Thames River that flows out to sea and the world.

A print of a painting (now sold) by Marianne Nix.