A leaving present; dinosaur eggs


  • Solar plate etching with Silk Chin Cole
  • Oil based ink
  • Hosokawa Kozo Japanese paper
  • Edition 30
  • 30 x 37 cm paper size unframed
  • This print is sold unframed


This print was selected from 11,000 submissions to be hung at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition 2013.

My ideas for ‘A Leaving Present: Dinosaur Eggs’ began when I was amazed to see a collection of fossilised dinosaur eggs in my neighbour’s living room’. The visit sparked off a sequence of thoughts and ideas: We are here for a short time, and what do we all leave behind? Are we on the same track as dinosaurs to becoming extinct? Many of us live with the hope that our children will carry on for ever into the future. This got me to think about other people throughout history who had not had children and ask if they had left anything behind.

The finished hand made print – in the form of a solar plate etching with chin colle – incorporates an image of dinosaur eggs, a pregnant belly and the signatures of famous people from history who are thought to have had no children and whose legacy is preserved in their work which is still enjoyed today and no doubt will be enjoyed for many years to come.